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Why Marketing Should be a Symphony not a Solo


“Don't die with the music still in you.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you have kids, or can remember back to your own childhood, there is often that zealous music teacher that sent the kids home with those plastic, wind instruments called recorders. It ends up being a LOT of squeaky noise. Care-takers, mothers and fathers everywhere end up desperately seeking asylum with ear-plugs, headphones, or by hiding in far-away rooms of the house. Ultimately it culminates in some type of public production, where all the kids get on stage and perform Hot Cross Buns or Three Blind Mice. Inevitably, there are some kids who are just blowing on their recorder just as hard as they can, not really caring about what note they are hitting. There are a timid few who are pretending to play, but really aren’t. There is not much timing to it, so you basically have 20 kids playing notes at different times, creating a cacophony of sound that is an assault to one’s senses.

This analogy is NOT what you want your marketing to sound like to your potential customers. Now imagine a different scenario, where you have dressed up in your best clothes and gone to see a symphony orchestra. Maybe it was an opera. The experience is night-and-day different. There is an experienced conductor who makes sure every instrument comes in on queue. The instruments have been tuned and are all in harmony. So much practice has gone into each note that it sounds like, well... “music” to your ears, of course.

As a business owner, do you want your potential customers to have the first experience or the latter? Take hard look at your marketing strategy. Are you a one-person-show, trying to do it all yourself, or struggling to find the right people to build your marketing team? You may already know all the areas of marketing that need attention, but may simply feel overwhelmed?

If you are bare-bones on marketing, that’s rather like a musician sitting on a street-corner trying to catch some pocket-change from a few passers-by. It’s not going to be very effective is it? Now imagine what it takes to organize a symphony production, from ticket-sales to hiring talent. It’s on another scale!

What type of company would you prefer to be, the hustling street-musician, or a sold-out symphony production? Our opinion is that business should be a production that discerning, well-paying customers would love to support and that’s what we help our clients achieve when they bring us on board.

We love to orchestrate, plan, brand, strategize and then create an action-plan that places the right people from our team, who are the best fit, for taking your company to the next level. Every individual that we work with are experts in their field and we’ve worked with them before, ensuring a harmonious experience. Every bit of your brand or marketing effort then becomes the melody to the personal song you wish to sing to the world.

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