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I grew up on a certified organic farm in Northwest Montana in a tiny town with a population of 200. From my humble and hard-working beginnings, I've had the fortune throughout my career to work in a wide-variety of companies. I worked for a small-town printer in high-school. During an internship in college, I worked for a magazine in California with 8 million in readership, whose sister magazine I later helped design and launch in South Africa. I've worked in production and on press-checks for a 364 page business-to-business catalog in Dallas, Texas. After a brief stint at Mac Temps, I wore many hats at a litigation support company. I've also worked at an advertising agency whose clients were mostly non-profits like World Vision and Feed the Hungry. After moving back to Montana, I worked several years in Production at the Lively Times, an arts and entertainment newspaper and a bi-monthly paper called The Montana State of the Arts, that both covered the entire state in readership.

Ten years ago, my partner exited his 16-year ad-agency career and we decided to move to Montana to raise our boys and be closer to family. Our friends thought we were crazy but somehow we're making it work. We are launching Zoo-Lab Design Studio and will provide Fortune 500 quality agency and marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses who want a professional plan and strategy to take their companies to the next level or to launch a new company successfully from the start.

Bernell Clifford Self Portrait


The other half of my team is a talented and award-winning interactive art director. He is also an artist and illustrator (his self-portrait painting is to the left). During his career, he worked for Publicis CT and the top agency at the time, Jupiter Drawing Room, in Cape Town, South Africa.  After moving to the United States 17 years ago, he has been fortunate to work at agencies such as Tribal DDB, The Barbarian Group, IMC2, and Cheil USA.


From designing websites for the latest Samsung phone, animated web-banners for Kraft, blast-emails for American Airlines, Facebook images for Tide, or directing viral videos like Samsung Galaxy II "It's Big", he has worked on many of Fortune 500 brands. He is able to bring that same professional look and expertise to ordinary businesses wanting to stand-out from their competition.


Bernell's work can be found on his portfolio site

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