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Creating Trust, Chemistry & Soul for Companies

Jeanna Clifford Head Shot Graphic Design

“Human value of design makes life easier. Good design is human-centred innovation that can work across many sectors and price points.” ~Chris Johnston

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We help showcase your uniqueness and values that allow your customers to know, like and trust you. My partner, an award-winning Interactive Designer and Art Director, Bernell Clifford and I help business owners, book authors and public speakers shine. With over 40 years in combined ad agency, design and marketing experience, we create attractive messages in clear and authentic ways, while making our clients look like a Fashionable Fortune 500 Company. Who says you can't appear to be a big fish in a small pond?​


  • Corporate Identity Packages & Brand Guides

  • Website Design (we are a certified Wix Partner)

  • Custom WordPress Websites

  • Logos

  • Custom Illustration

  • Print Ads

  • Banner Ads

  • Books, Covers, and e-Book Design

  • Flyers

  • Direct Mailers

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Social Media Graphics

P.S. I am also a print broker who can get you the VERY best pricing for quality, full-color, digital printing (Dare I say as inexpensive as VistaPrint but MUCH better quality). See how much you can save on your next print project! Click here for a detailed list of items I can help provide you.

Print is tangible, you can touch it and feel it, you may even smell the soy-based inks if you wish. But think about it, is your marketing material a keeper or a tosser?

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Does your website represent who you are? Is it professional looking, or does it look like your neighbor's teenage step-son created it in his basement?

I See Ability Book Cover
Powerpoint Graphic for NoteSchool about REO Inventory

Boring PowerPoints can cause snoring, make sure yours have the right ratio of graphics to information.

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Headshot of Dr. David Phelps
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Headshot of Reverand Dr Todd Michael


"Jeanna is very easy to work with and seems to be able to put into design the ideas I describe in a creative and unique way. I hired her to create the design for a magazine, business cards, and several other creative projects. I was very pleased with the quality and creativity of her work.” ~ Dr. Minette Riordan, CPC, Coach, Speaker, Author, & Award-Winning Entrepreneur​


“I have worked with Jeanna on several projects that have involved graphic design and Power Point Presentation graphics. Jeanna is diligent and professional in her work and provides excellent value. I found her easy to communicate with - making modifications was simple. Jeanna incorporates a lot of her past business experience in providing innovation and advice to her current clients.”
~Dr. David Phelps, Dentist Freedom, Author, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mentor​


"Jeanna has always designed some of the most creative projects & my clients have always been thrilled and excited with the finished projects. Not only is she creative with her designs, but she is a person with high integrity that I can always count on communicating with me clearly and telling me the honest truth about a project. I strongly recommend Jeanna not only for her creative talents, but for anything she would be trying to tackle. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.” ~ Cindy Watts, Outta The Box Marketing


"Jeanna's professional talents are unparalleled. She is a superb designer, rapid in execution, precise, highly intelligent, and talented to the point of being "gifted" in her artistic skills. But more importantly, she is a person of immaculate integrity, honesty, and always does exactly what she says she will do, when she says she will do it. She has enormous depth of character, and is a kind, generous, pleasant personality, qualities that makes her an absolute delight to work with interact with.  I cannot recommend this exceptional person strongly enough and invite you to call me personally if I can provide further insights and confirmation." 
~ Rev. Dr. R. Todd Michael, Physician, Life-Coach, Author, Minister​


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